About the Co-Host


The Center for the Dissemination of Economic Knowledge, CEDICE Freedom A.C., is an independent, non-profit civil association founded in 1984 by people committed to the defense of individual liberty, private enterprise, property rights, limited government, and the pursuit of peace. CEDICE’s primary objective is to show Venezuelans what actually constitutes "the other side of the coin" versus socialist alternatives. Over the past 37 years, it has advanced the principles of individual freedoms through innovative programs working to train youth, children, women, journalists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders—and its ideas have reached thousands of people since its founding. CEDICE strives for a free and prosperous Venezuela, where the life and property of its citizens are protected, and it disseminates, investigates, and defends principles of freedom to build a society of responsible and empowered individuals.

In addition, CEDICE launched this month the Online Campus "La Plaza de las ideas". This is an online space for training based on the principles that sustain a society of free and responsible citizens - https://plazadelasideas.cedice.org.ve/.